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Old World Italian Breads

Artisan Bread.

BAKE. Eat. Enjoy.

Everything's Fresh Here at Marconi Bakery.

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Sicilian Pizza

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Our Bakery

Marconi Bakery was established in 1968.  Mr. Sam has been baking using the same traditions and recipes for over 40 years.  Our oven is well seasoned and our recipes for great Italian breads and pizzas are embedded in old world baking traditions.

We have fresh baked artesian breads 7 days a week!
We serve Sicilian style pizza from 11 - 2 pm Monday - Friday.  Try our super sized pizza squares.  We offer Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Veggie Deluxe, and Cheese pizza daily.   Check out our Facebook Page for daily specials. 
Call ahead to pick up a whole pizza.  We offer
par-baked whole pizzas as well so pick up a pie for dinner!

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Salsiccia Stuffed French Bread

We use old world baking traditions and recipes to create our breads. Our family loves to cook and create delicious foods.  Breads are always an important part of our meals.  

Breaking Bread has many different meaning over time.  For us, “Breaking Bread" means sharing a meal with family or someone special. The origins of the expression speak to a time when it was a generally accepted practice for people to tear pieces of bread from a loaf.  In many earlier cultures, bread, while eaten, was also a sort of tool to keep your fingers clean allowing you to use the bread to move messy foods around, pick/sop them up, and even rub sauces off your fingers onto like a napkin.  And, there is nothing better than fresh Italian bread dipped in your favorite pasta sauce, sugo, ragu, salso or gravy.  Whatever you call it, it is sure good dipped.  Pick up your favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil, DiGregorio’s bread dipping seasoning, your favorite freshly grated, and get dipping!


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